Hasbro Announces Next G.I. Joe HasLab: The Dragonfly Helicopter

Hasbro‘s last crowdfunded G.I. Joe HasLab toy, the Cobra HISS tank, still hasn’t arrived yet. But the company is already hard at work on the next 6-inch scaled vehicle to fight it.

As suspected by many fans, the Dragonfly helicopter is up for funding, based on the kid-favorite toy from the ’80s. Now nearly three feet long, it’s scaled to the larger Classified figures, with more emphasis on display than play. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do cool stuff.

Gonna Fly Now

For the sake of realistic detail over kid-friendliness, the trigger that used to activate the propeller is now gone. The winch to lift figures out of danger, though, remains, and can hook on to the belts of most figures. As a new feature, the cockpit displays illuminate. Various different weapons attachments can go under the wings, either locked and loaded or mid-fire with exhaust trails. And the canopy can either open classic style (straight up) or gull-wing style from each side. The cockpit seats two figures; the landing gear no longer seem to have foot pegs for hangers-on.

The project will succeed if it gets 10,000 backers; it’s already raised over half that in one day. New figures, aside from the currently included pilot Wild Bill, will unlock in increments of 3,000 more backers. Nightforce Ripcord unlocks at 13,000, with mystery figures at 16,000 and 19,000 tiers. The cost is $274.99, which is reasonable provided all three bonus figures are unlocked. Along with Bill, that’s four figures which would cost $100 total if sold separately, making the Dragonfly itself $174.99. By current standards, that’s quite low for a fully detailed, no-cheaping-out vehicle for 6-inch figures, with LEDs.

For digital renders of the final product, check out the images below: