Masters of the Universe New Eternia Vykron on Sale Tuesday

First sold as a Masters of the Universe Classics at Comic-Con, Vykron has received a new upgrade for Mattel Creations. Though not a significant storyline character, this three-in-one figure has deep roots in Masters of the Universe history and is based on the original three prototypes for He-Man.

Conan, Joe, or Boba?

In creating a new action figure for boys, Mattel had to decide between a science fiction, fantasy, or military approach. Original prototypes included a Viking-like barbarian, a human-tank cyborg, and a pretty egregious Boba Fett rip-off. Mattel went with the barbarian, although sci-fi elements found their way back in via supporting characters once the look of He-Man was nailed down.

What’s interesting is that this Vykron is part of the New Eternia line. Though Mattel hasn’t stated it outright, New Eternia figures typically feature costumes and extra parts that allow a character to switch between a classic look and one closer to the original concept art.

New Eternia He-Man already included bits to make him into a Vykron-style barbarian. To change it up, New Eternia Vykron features a soft fur cloak. In the Classics storyline, Vykron became retconned as a champion of good who predated He-Man, and collected various armors and weapons from opponents he defeated in Gygor’s gladiator arena. (Gygor, an unreleased character in the vintage line based on a Big Jim gorilla sculpt, eventually got a new Classics figure as a well.)

What You Get:

As for bonus parts, they depart from the concept more than most. For obvious legal reasons, the Boba Fett armor now looks more like Masters of the Universe’s cosmic enforcer Zodac. And the “Tank Top” head — rather than looking like an actual tank — resembles a Man-at-Arms/Bionatops robo-dinosaur hybrid. One figure comes with multiple chest armors, bracers, shinguards, helmets, and weapons, which should work with most Masterverse figures.

Sale begins on Mattel Creations starting Tuesday, June 6th, with Vykron listed at $35 (plus shipping.) It’s a better deal than some deluxe figures in the line that only get priced up for having a cape and bonus head.

Check out the many looks of Vykron in the images below: