Drizzt Returns to Hasbro’s Dungeons and Dragons Figure Line

Before Hasbro fully launched the current Golden Archive line of Dungeons & Dragons figures, they tested the waters with a Pulse exclusive figure of Drizzt. The dark elf created by author R.A. Salvatore as a side character in his novels became so popular as to merit his own book series. But would the casual fan embrace him? Hasbro initially sold him in a two pack with his panther Guenhwyvar, and that set remains on sale today for $41.99. Now that the movie, the cartoon, and the game have all had a few figures in the cohesive line, Drizzt is back, more available than ever, as a new figure who looks like an entirely new sculpt.

A Bookish Type

Drizzt first appeared in the novel The Crystal Shard, When Salvatore was told by marketing that he had to replace one of the characters. He came up with Drizzt as a substitute on the spot, and when audiences cottoned to him, made him the lead in The Dark Elf Trilogy. Over the course of 30+ years, he appeared in 34 novels. He has crossed over into games, animated shorts, comics, and even Magic: The Gathering cards. Though he did not, as far as we can tell, appear in the recent Honor Among Thieves movie, he’s sure to pop up in an adaptation eventually. Maybe the in-development TV series has a spot for him.

The new Drizzt figure celebrates 35 years of the character, with a Salvatore signature replica on the package. He includes two swords, glowing blade effect, gem, and removable hooded cloak. With premium detail, he runs around $29.99 at most retailers, including our partners at Entertainment Earth.

Take a look through the images below, then tell us if you’ll pick him up, in comments.