Immersive Art of Avatar: The Way of Water Exhibit Opens This Weekend

If any Avatar fans will be in the Los Angeles area this weekend, there’s a cool-looking and free way to celebrate Earth Day with the Na’vi. “The Art of Avatar: The Way of Water – An Immersive Experience” will be available for free to fans at Lighthouse Artspace, formerly Amoeba records. Similar to previous shows there like the immersive Van Gogh exhibit, the installation will project images from the world of Pandora all around the attendees. The show will also include props and costumes from the film, as well as life-size statues.

First-come, first-served tickets are available for eight time slots each day, for hourlong entrances between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The exhibit lasts one weekend only, so sign up quickly if you’re interested.

Per the press release, “Combining the groundbreaking technology of the Lighthouse’s experiential art exhibits and the remarkable Oscar® award-winning visual effects of the film, this immersive experience will showcase some of the most stunning scenes featured in Avatar: The Way of Water, including underwater at the Metkayina Clan village.”

Unsure how this all works in practice? Take a look through the official images of the exhibit below. After that, tell us what you think in comments.

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