Mattel Reveals Lots of Summer-Fall 2023 Masters of the Universe

In a surprisingly big infodump yesterday, Mattel sent out a new checklist of upcoming Masters of the Universe figures, and it’s a lot. Perhaps as a result of the CG series being cancelled, the Origins and Masterverse lines look like they’re working overtime to fill the gaps. Today, most of their summer-fall items are up for preorder, though some remain mysterious, and likely exclusive. A few of these were shown to us early as part of He-Man’s 40th anniversary, like Snake Mountain, flocked Moss-Man, and Intergalactic Skeletor. But there’s plenty new to talk about.

The New Eternia subline of Masterverse, which typically includes accessories that can transform the character’s classic look into one more in line with the concept art, offers new takes on Webstor, Clawful, Whiplash, Ram Man, classic blue Faker, and Buzz-Off, some of which will be deluxe and oversized. From the Revelation series, we’ll see Clamp Champ, classic armor Mer-Man, Horde Skeletor, and Prince Adam, who’ll be the first skinny Prince Adam figure in almost two decades. Grizzlor will appear in his ’80s Princess of Power TV design, with Masterverse-level detail. And joining Skeletor in the New Adventures style will be Slushhead, with a removable head that can attach to the tentacles separately.

Origins, which began as a recreation of the original figures, is running out of vintage characters to remake, so several new to this style will arrive soon. 2002 variants like young Randor, Snake Teela, Serpent Claw Man at Arms, and Infiltrator Palace Guard join never-made final wave figures Snake Trooper and Slamurai. The Snake Men get bolstered with Snake Face, Sssqueeze, and a four-pack featuring Slithor, two Snake Warriors, and Snake Armor He-Man. Spikor, Dragon Blaster Skeletor. minicomic Man-E-Faces, and repainted Skeletor with Screech round out the single characters. An all-new glow-in-the-dark Skeleton warrior two-pack builds the evil armies, while Rulers of the Sun adds a three-pack of Zap-Man, Kikto, and Holographo.

In addition to Snake Mountain, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter is coming, to help build out Castle Grayskull and other dioramas. Entertainment Earth and other retailers have most of these now up for preorder, with some conspicuous absences. Man-E-Faces appears to be Amazon exclusive, and Whiplash is nowhere yet, among others. Take a look at the images down below for more details.

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