Disney Park Exclusive Tron Toys Include Selfie Talking Figures

It wasn’t long ago that Hasbro debuted the Selfie Series, a line of action figures that could come with custom scans of the buyer’s own head. Now Disney is taking things a step further with the Tron Identity Program. Debuting at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom alongside the new Tron roller coaster, Identity Program figures will look and sound like you. They’re the highlight of a much larger line of Disney Park exclusive Tron toys.

Per the official site, “Image Capture will scan your facial features. Then, you’ll select your helmet and body configuration. Will your Program be an Enforcer or a Combatant? A Scout or a Heavy Sentry? The choice is yours. Also, don’t forget to select a team color. Finally, you’ll visit Command Input, where you will record 6 lines of dialogue in your own voice.”

It sounds like these might resemble the Spin Master action figures from Tron: Legacy, which used a couple of frames of actor likenesses, combined with dialogue, to create an animated “hologram” face that said the lines. No price is announced, but it surely won’t be cheap. The figures come in arcade-console inspired boxes that presumably will allow activation of the light and sound features.

The park-exclusive toy line also includes Reaction figures and Light Cycles from Super7, based on the first film. Infiltrator Flynn, Tron, Sark, and a red warrior make up the first assortment.

Unfortunately, anyone unable to make the trip to Florida is out of luck on this one. Maybe if California’s Disneyland ever finds the room for its own Tron ride, that could change, but it’ll be a while.

Would you like a talking Tron figure of yourself? Let us know in comments!

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