Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Reaction Figures Get Creepy

For fans who don’t want to invest the full $55 apiece on Super7‘s The Simpsons Ultimates figures — and even for those who do — there’s a cheaper option that’s almost as fun. New Treehouse of Horror-inspired Reaction figures offer up classic non-canonical Simpsons Halloween gags that might seem a bit intense in the main line. Like a Bart who’s been turned inside out by deadly gas, but can still sing and dance. Or Marge, cursed by a witch and hiding the cat in her literally skeletal frame. Like other Reaction figures, these average around 4 inches, though Marge’s hair adds another inch.

Bob Dole might have gotten a kick out of Kang as Bob Dole, with removed Dole mask accessory. (Don’t blame us — we voted for Kodos!) And Homer may not have been the best Grim Reaper ever, but he stuck up for his wife against God. That’s a devoted husband.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Reaction figures cost $20 apiece, available now directly from Super7. If this first series sells well, it’s a line that could last a very long time with a wealth of possibilities to mine.

What Treehouse of Horror characters or variants would you like to see? Let us know in comments!

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