New Spawn Figures Include the Extra-Large Monolith

As part of the company’s Winter Showcase — which is to say, what they’d normally show at Toy Fair, which didn’t happen this February — McFarlane Toys has been revealing a whole lot of product this week. But it wouldn’t be complete without something from Todd McFarlane’s own brainchild, Spawn. A very big something, in fact. Monolith, the largest Hellspawn to see figure form to date, leads the latest wave of three as a $50 megafig.

Aside from the giant, the wave looks to the past and future. Antagonist Sinn, who once was named Cain, as in “Cain and Abel,” sometimes works with Hell, and sometimes against. This outfit specifically is one that has yet to debut in comics, but will shortly. It’s a little reminiscent of Spawn’s old enemy the Curse.

Finally, there’s an old favorite in Medieval Spawn. It appears Todd may have given up plans for a Kickstarter version of this character, and just put him in the main line. Since the Kickstarter proved Spawn was still a viable property, he’s had more like getting the characters in stores. Medieval Spawn may be a touch less colorful than previous incarnations, but he’s well-armed.

Since Spawn figures tend to be a bit larger than other McFarlanes, they run $25-$50 depending on size. Check retailers for the best price — the McFarlane store sold out of Medieval almost immediately at $24.99 each.

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