WilyKit Finally Flies in for Super7’s ThunderCats Wave 8

Eight waves in — give or take the occasional bonusThunderCats Ultimates collectors are finally close to getting the whole team. Back when Mattel started the line in its first year, they made sky-surfing Thunder-kittens WilyKit and WilyKat as a Comic-Con exclusive two-pack. Fans expected to see them again sooner, imagining Super7 could just rerelease the Mattel sculpts as they had with the core four characters. WilyKit’s now finally back…and she’s newly resculpted. So even fans who grabbed the original may have a reason to buy again.

WilyKit may be the main lure for wave 8, but the other three figures are no slouches. Enemy-turned ally Hachiman comes with an alternate masked head and a special sword spinning alternate hand. Alluro represents the first of the fan-favorite Lunataks to be made into an Ultimate, as their evil master of mind control.

Then there’s the mercenary Captain Shiner, who sometimes serves evil but not always. His accessories include a first for the line — an alternate folded arms piece. Easier than articulating them to fold that way, perhaps.

Fans can preorder at Super7, or from Entertainment Earth to save on shipping. (Entertainment Earth and Superhero Hype are affiliate partners, and this site may earn fees on purchases made through links.)

Check out the images below. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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