Army-Build Reptilians With Super7’s Latest ThunderCats Variants

These days, even figure lines that mostly use all-new sculpts on each primary figure still need to find a way to cut costs with parts reuse. Super7‘s ThunderCats line generally finds ways to do redecoes where they make sense, and now, for fans who have the budget and the inclination to build armies, they offer the means. If you feel S-S-Slithe needs backup on the shelf, three Reptilians can now have his back.

Using S-S-Slithe’s base body along with new parts, and outfits, the Reptilians each come with second heads and one bonus pair of hands, to allow collectors to mix and match. Warrior comes with a spiky ball flail and shoulder pad. Brute wears one shoulder strap and wields a spiked baton. Guard has a club and cloth tunic. Each sports a slightly different skin shade, for variety.

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As usual, the figures run $55. So no discounts for being barely new sculpts. However, their existence helps keep average costs per unit down across the line, and keep the individually sculpted figures from going up even more.

Fans can preorder at Super7, or from Entertainment Earth to save on shipping. (Entertainment Earth and Superhero Hype are affiliate partners, and this site may earn fees on purchases made through links.) Use our link to save 10% on any in-stock purchase, with free domestic shipping on orders over $39.

Take a look at a few more images below. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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