Steel Clan Robot Officially Joins NECA’s Gargoyles Figures

They revealed the prototypes at Comic-Con, but now NECA makes it official: the Steel Clan robot will join their Gargoyles action figure line. The toys based on the ’90s Disney animated series have become an instant hit since the company first unveiled Goliath, and many other figures since followed in quick succession.

NECA loves a body that can be reused. (Two more repaints of Goliath are already confirmed, in video game color schemes.) And based on the Comic-Con prototypes, we might see variant robots down the line. For now, fans can build their armies with multiples of this first figure, who includes the first folding wings of any Gargoyles character. He also comes with multiple hands, removable gauntlet blasters, and detachable jet effects.

The Steel Clan robots are creations of the show’s villain, Xanatos. Using classic cartoon logic, he figured the best way to fight gargoyles would be with evil robot gargoyles! Check out the image gallery at the bottom of this post for a sneak peek of the upcoming Xanatos figure. NECA’s designs come from the cartoon, but the sculpts feature upgraded detail beyond what 2D animation can show.

Estimated shipping date for the Steel Clan robot is May of 2023. Most sites have preorders up now; our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth have him for $37.99. (Note: Superhero Hype may earn fees from Entertainment Earth purchases made through our links.)

Will you place a preorder? Let us know in comments!

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