Mondo Toys Shows Off 1:6 Scale Masters of the Universe Panthor

Mere weeks after putting their $500 Battle Cat figure on sale, Mondo Toys has revealed the green kitty’s counterpart on the evil side, Panthor. Typically in Masters of the Universe toy lines, Panthor has been a repaint of Battle Cat. At $30-$50, collectors are fine with that. $500 might be a bit different, but at least this Mondo Panthor does have a few distinguishing features.

Though Panthor doesn’t appear to be flocked with fuzz, it does include the ramstone helmet created for the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. An additional head includes a 2002-style battle mask, as well as the traditional unmasked look. Per 2002, this Panthor also features pupil-less eyes for extra evil effect.

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Take a look at the prototype below:


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Mondo will also create a refreshed Skeletor to go along with his cat. Like the recent deluxe He-Man, it will include Battle Armor and Dragon Blaster parts. No word on whether they’ll also do a stripped-down “no frills” Skeletor as they also have with He-Man. But they’d leave money on the table by not doing so.

Will you put down another $500 for Panthor? Let us know in comments.

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