McFarlane Toys Dips Into Kingdom Come and Knightfall Figures

When McFarlane Toys DC multiverse line has made figures based on a specific miniseries, recent Greg Capullo Batman arcs have been the go-to. (Little surprise, since Capullo worked on Spawn first.) Following the success of their Dark Knight Returns figures, though the company appears headed back to some of the other classics. One of them’s a biggie: Kingdom Come. McFarlane’s first attempt to capture Alex Ross art in three dimensions, an Armored Batman should start selling preorders soon. Older and armored up, this alternate future Bruce Wayne needs a bit more protection in his costume.

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While not as beloved aesthetically, Knightfall is another classic Batman tale. It inspired Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and made Bane a major player in Gotham City’s rogues gallery. Now it inspires a Catwoman figure, in the older purple costume.

There’s no indication that these individual figures mean fully themed waves are coming. The company could be testing the waters to see if more might succeed. But any step deeper into the DC catalogue is a good one for fans. Maybe we’ll see McFarlane Watchmen eventually, just to annoy Alan Moore even further.

Preorders on these two figures seem likely to start in a week or so. What would you like to see McFarlane Toys dip into next? Let us know in comments.

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