Avatar: The Way of Water Figures, Playsets Revealed by McFarlane Toys

The first Avatar toys from McFarlane Toys only just started showing up this month, and already the preorders for sequel toys have begun. Set to hit stores around December, the new product includes 7-inch Avatar: The Way of Water figures and creatures, along with smaller-scale playsets for the World of Pandora line. As before, “7-inch scale” in this case is based on a Na’vi being around 7 inches, with humans closer to 4 inches. Oddly, even though some new human vehicles in this scale will arrive, McFarlane has not shown new humans to pilot them. Classic Star Wars or G.I. Joe figures should fit as a stopgap, though.

For the figures, new versions of Jake and Neytiri appear to be redecoes with different accessories, along with the all-new Tonowari, the facially tattooed Metkayina tribe leader played by Cliff Curtis. The in-scale flying fish creature called the Skimwing fits any of the figures on its back, while a new Crabsuit underwater vehicle and revised AMP suit with new flamethrower should fit the previously released Quaritch. (Yeah, he’s dead in human form, but he’s the only human figure in the line for now.) Sadly, despite Jake and Neytiri having two different versions apiece, we still don’t have either in correct flight gear for banshee riding. Maybe future variants for Target?

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The World of Pandora sets include a blacklight-enhanced Metkayina reef, along with smaller versions of the AMP suit, Crabsuit, and Seawasp vehicles. Jake and Tonowari both come with mini-skimwings, while Jake’s son Neteyam rides an Ilu. A new final battle set also represents the first film, with Quaritch and Neytiri facing off.

Finally, McFarlane has used the technology created for their remote-control shark toy to make a similar creature — the Akula — for Avatar. Preorder this and all the rest at Entertainment Earth and other outlets. (Superhero Hype are affiliate partners with Entertainment Earth and earn fees based on purchases.)

Take a look at all the new items in the gallery below. Which do you like best? Let us know in comments.

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