Creepy Articulated Eyeballs Distinguish the Hot Toys Gorr Figure

Thor: Love and Thunder may have been one of the campiest Marvel movies yet, but it sure boasted one of the creepiest villains. Christian Bale, once better known as Batman, proved he could do an evil grin that might compete with any Joker. And he could back up his menace, too, by murdering deities throughout the known universe. They don’t call him the God-Butcher for nothing. Perhaps so as not to scare off certain consumers of faith, however, the Hot Toys Gorr figure simply uses his first name, and not the descriptor.

Gorr’s principal action feature is his independently rolling eyeball function. That creepy gaze can go all over the place, depending. In addition, per official description, the figure includes “sculpted scars and crooked teeth; a newly designed body and arms with scars; carefully-tailored fabric robe; and close attention to details. Iconic weapons and accessories include a Necrosword sword, a battle-damaged Necrosword, Thor’s Stormbreaker, a necklace, and a figure stand.”

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Gorr runs $275, with payment plans available, and doesn’t ship until January of 2024 (if that). Take a look through the gallery below for more images, and see if this malevolent monster is worthy of you.

Will the God-Slayer become yours? Let us know in comments.

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