Channel the Ancient Spirits With a Mumm-Ra Helmet Replica

When the ThunderCats‘ arch-enemy, Mumm-Ra, transforms from his usual decayed form into a jacked-up, muscular warrior, his helmet just kinda shows up while his robe flies open into a cape. The rest of us may have to spend some cash. On regular Earth, evil spirits don’t just materialize clothing, but thanks to Factory Entertainment, you can now make Mumm-Ra’s headgear show up in your home. For $500, own the official Mumm-Ra helmet replica.

Legally, they have to tell you this is meant for display, and not as a hat. But why line the inside with synthetic leather if not for head comfort? Just be careful handling the thing — it’s mostly made from fiberglass, with resin and metal accents. The fabric ribbons contain inner wires, allowing them each some individual poseability. The maximum width? Thirty-five inches.

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A metal display stand, individually numbered plaque, and certificate of authenticity also come included. Speaking of those numbers, the run of the helmet stays small, at 750 units total. Make installment plan arrangements for three payments if you prefer. A $50 deposit gets taken right off the bat, with fulfillment expected this summer.

Take a look through the gallery below for a few more angles. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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