Hasbro’s Holiday Optimus Prime May Transform Your Christmas

Last year, Super7 made a Santa Optimus Prime figure for the holidays, in the retro style of ’70s Kenner figures. This year, Hasbro did one better. Their holiday Optimus Prime actually transforms. The cab transforms into the Autobot leader, and the trailer becomes a battle station like the original G1 toy. Cooler still? It’s a newly sculpted figure. Odds are it will get a more conventional color scheme somewhere down the line, but for now, it’s no repaint. It’s a true original.

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Here’s the official word, via press release: “‘Tis the season as Hasbro introduces the all-new Transformers Generations Holiday Optimus Prime action figure, featuring holiday-inspired deco and details, including a Santa Claus Autobot faction logo on the trailer. Holiday Optimus Prime converts from robot to licensed Volvo truck mode in 37 steps and features green-tinted windows and snowy deco details. The figure comes with multiple accessories, including a candy cane ion blaster, the Matrix of Holiday Spirit and a truck trailer that can attach in truck mode that opens to become a battle station. Naughty or nice, Transformers Generations Holiday Optimus Prime is available… just in time to deliver holiday cheer to all sentient beings.”

This Optimus Prime will run you $55.99. Will the fans who once got mad at flames on Optimus be cooler with candy stripes? Or is that still an issue?

If you want this Optimus to roll out under your tree this year, let us know in comments.

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