The Simpsons’ Educational Films Starring Troy McClure Get Toys

Hello! He’s Troy McClure! You may remember him from his many infomercials, musicals, B-movies, and especially educational films in The Simpsons universe. The leathery skinned fish fetishist voiced by the late Phil Hartman would take any part for a buck. And were he real, he’d definitely have cashed in with action figures of himself. Since he isn’t, Super7 will do it anyway.

But Troy’s not coming to plastic form alone. In the latest line of Simpsons Reaction figures, he’ll pair up with various sidekicks from his classroom reels. Little Jimmy comes along for “Meat and You: Partners in Freedom.” “Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide to You-Know-What” might feel incomplete without Fuzzy Bunny. And Billy’s ready to ask science questions for “Someone’s in the Kitchen with DNA.”

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The Troy McClure figures come in their own dedicated packaging, much like Super7’s last Simpsons sub-line based on the fictional McBain movies. It’s a creative angle into that universe, and presumably something we’ll see more of. The Troy McClure figures can be had at Super7’s site for $20 apiece. Take a look through the gallery below for more.

Will you remember these figures for such gift recipients as…you? Let us know in comments!

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