Snarf Down Super7’s Long-Awaited ThunderCats Wave 7

After a wave of repaints and a standalone figure, Super7‘s ThunderCats line helps complete some core teams. Snarf, the whiny sidekick both beloved and despised by fans, gets a standalone figure, completing the core ThunderCats (if we include Mattel’s WilyKit and WilyKat). Their evil mutant adversaries complete their core lineup too, with Ratar-O. Filling out the wave come two cartoon-based characters who’ve never before seen toy form: Willa and Mongor.

Costs seem to balance out across this wave. Snarf, a smaller figure than usual, still runs $55. But so does the 9-inch tall Mongor. That may seem small comfort to collectors who only want Snarf. However, Super7 have put in the work on Mongor, the powerful demon fueled by fear. He includes additional flame and lightning effects to show off his powers, like Ratar-O’s removable glow effects on his weapons.

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Fans can preorder at Super7, or from Entertainment Earth to save on shipping. (Entertainment Earth and Superhero Hype are affiliate partners, and this site may earn fees on purchases made through links.)

Check out the images below. Are you happy to finally see Snarf, or will he get placed in a dungeon? Then tell us what you think in comments!

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