Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Action Figure Reveals Ironheart Armor

Unexpectedly, the new Ironheart figure did not get revealed at Hasbro‘s PulseCon 2022 over the last two days. Yet the company quietly slipped her online anyway, and not just for preorders, but available now! Riri Williams, in what appears a final version of her Ironheart armor, comes as a deluxe oversized figure with an array of accessories.

Now, Marvel Legends frequently release comic-based figures alongside movie figures, so there’s reason for skepticism. Except that this figure features a Dominique Thorne headsculpt, and the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie logo rather than the comic version on her package. So this seems the real deal, and a more upgraded version than some other alleged leaked images showed. Coming in at a price point of $33.99, Ironheart includes removable back jets with exhaust blasts, repulsor blasts that plug into her hands with or without smoke rings, and a removable gauntlet gun with ammo strip. Plus two different heads, with or without helmet.

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As for the suit itself, it looks like the right mixture of Stark and Wakanda tech. Per the figure’s official bio, “A brilliant MIT student with a passion for engineering, Riri Williams’ life takes an unexpected turn when a school project brings the Wakandans and a dangerous foe to her doorstep.”

Fans can buy her now at Hasbro Pulse, or look through the gallery below first. Which will you do? Let us know in comments.

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