Hasbro PulseCon 2022: First Indiana Jones Figures in Years Revealed

The last time Hasbro relaunched Indiana Jones as a toy brand, in 2008, fans wanted to love it, but quality control issues plagued the line. From disproportionate hand sizes to paint apps that made Indy’s eyes look like fried eggs, Hasbro fixed the problems too late to prevent early cancellation. This time, they’re in 6-inch scale for the first time ever, and with digital face printing, those big eyes shouldn’t return. And since it’s too soon to spoil anything from the next film, whose title we don’t even know yet, the first Indiana Jones figures will hail from the past movies.

Notably, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where it all began. The first wave of the Indiana Jones Adventure Series will include Indy, Marion (with monkey), Toht, Sallah, and Belloq. Each wave will include pieces to build an artifact; in this case, collect them all to get the Ark of the Covenant. A good way to get fans to buy more than just Indy. The monkey actually sports photo-real deco, while Toht includes bonus melty-face and branded hand.

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There will also be a 2-inch Mission Fleet-style line with more vehicles and playsets — none revealed today. But a retro line will recreate Kenner’s original figures, including the quick-draw action, and now featuring less breakable thumbs! Finally, in the roleplay/prop replica category, the headpiece to the Staff of Ra features a base that causes the medallion piece to light up if inserted in the correct hole.

Indiana Jones and Toht will begin preorders today. The rest will have to wait.

Take a look through the gallery below for screenshots. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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