Hasbro PulseCon 2022 G.I. Joe Reveals Include Variants, Favorites

When it came to toys at Hasbro PulseCon, G.I. Joe was there! While the team didn’t surprise us with a major vehicle, they did confirm that Serpentor and his air chariot, a PulseCon exclusive set, would go live for members today at 5 pm. eastern, and probably sell out immediately. (Though they didn’t say it here, a more basic Serpentor seems likely down the line). The PulseCon 2022 G.I. Joe panel also updated on the HISS tank HasLab, showing off the finished Cobra Commander and HISS gunner figures.

The HISS gunner won’t be the only female Cobra soldier to come. Listing off some names of future reveals, the team specified a female Cobra trooper. Snow Serpents and Dreadnok Buzzer also got confirmed, with Hawk and Tripwire mentioned on yesterday’s preshow. Upcoming render designs showcased Bazooka in classic colors, alongside Shipwreck, Copperhead, Torpedo, and Rock and Roll. Shipwreck’s peg-legged parrot Polly will plug into either his shoulder ropes or wrist tape, and his hat can switch out with a removable hair piece (as opposed to hairpiece). Rock and Roll now includes full arm tattoos like many modern military members have, and an alternate “devil horns” hand appropriate to his name.

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Preorders beginning today at most retailers include Barbecue in (Sgt. Slaughter’s) Marauders colors, plus Crimson BAT (with battle-damaged parts), classic colors Outback, Cover Girl, and Falcon.

Additionally, we saw a special edition Nerf blaster painted in G.I. Joe colors on one side, and Cobra on the other, packed with a very special Nerf-styled cover variant of IDW’s G.I. Joe #300 comic. Beyond that, the team hinted at possible small vehicles for the line, noting that the success of the crowd-backed HISS tank showed demand.

Check out the screencaps in our gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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