Hasbro PulseCon 2022 Marvel Legends Reveals Go X-Men Heavy

Fans hoping to see more MCU movie figures, like maybe the leaked-early Ironheart, might have felt dismayed by the PulseCon 2022 Marvel Legends panel. No movie figures at all debuted today, though we got one MCU figure in the form of What If…? Warrior Gamora, i.e. Gamora in Thanos armor. The rest of the reveals leaned heavily on villains and X-Men, along with a comics-based Star-Lord.

A new retro-carded X-Men wave includes team suit Wolverine, Avalanche, Spiral (deluxe), Dark Phoenix, Multiple Man, and Longshot. Team suit Storm and Banshee will follow in a later wave. Other comic characters revealed included Orb, Moonstone, Stryfe, and Molecule Man

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A Pulse exclusive Modular Armor Iron Man on a retro card includes a huge cannon and multiple heads.. They also got a Daredevil comic three-pack also including Bullseye and Elektra. Cyclops joins the VHS-boxed animated X-Men line, and next year a similar style for Spider-Man kicks off with a Spidey and Carnage set.

Finally, in the retro Kenner collection, Doctor Doom and Ghost Rider on motorcycle expand the 3-3/4 inch series. And a mysterious ruby teased the next potential tier for HasLab’s Ghost Rider car.

Check out our gallery of screencaps below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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