Spider-Man Pointing Meme Inspires a New Collectible Statue

For those old enough to remember the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon, it was a simple case of everyone’s favorite web-head encountering an impostor. But thanks to online meme culture, and a hilarious skewering in Into the Spider-Verse, the image of two Spider-Men pointing at one another became a viral sensation. Even Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield couldn’t resist restaging the pose for a Spider-Man: No Way Home photoshoot. And now it’s official: the Spider-Man pointing meme gets its own statue from Iron Studios.

There’s one annoying snag: the statue is only of one pointing Spidey, so you’ll need two to properly recreate the moment. That aside, the sculpt adds a more realistic take, with better anatomical development. It does copy the cartoon’s webbing scheme, though, leaving the webs off his arms and chest. The statue includes a crate, and stands 8.2 inches tall,  making it roughly in scale with Mego and NECA retro-action figures.

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The hand-painted, polystone statue runs $150, or $300 per pair, with payment plans available through Sideshow’s distribution website. Take a look at the statue from all angles in our image gallery down below.

What do you think of Iron Studios’ mildly more realistic sculpt of the animated scene? Will you buy two, or even three? Let us know in comments.

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