Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man Artist’s Edition Coming This Fall

This September, Marvel is celebrating Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary with a special tribute to one of the greatest artists who ever worked on the character. Marvel and IDW have jointly announced that Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man Artist’s Edition will finally arrive this fall.

Before McFarlane co-founded Image Comics, created and published Spawn, and launched McFarlane Toys, he made his name on Amazing Spider-Man in the late ’80s with writer David Michelinie. McFarlane’s stunning visuals redefined the Wall-Crawler for a new generation, and he also introduced the world to Eddie Brock/Venom in the landmark Amazing Spider-Man #299-300. In 1990, McFarlane launched his own solo Spider-Man series as both the writer and the artist. And according to IDW, the new Artist’s Edition will draw upon both runs.

“This Artist’s Edition will include nearly 100 pages of interior art selected from 24 issues of his consequential The Amazing Spider-Man run, almost 60 pages from his record-setting Spider-Man series, and 25 covers spanning such titles as The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Marvel Age, Marvel Tales, and more.”

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For casual comic book fans, here’s how the Artist’s Editions work. Through comic art collectors and dealers, IDW has assembled new high resolution scans of the 11 x 17 covers and pages, which will be reproduced at full size. These aren’t color images, but it’s the closest thing to owning an original page without actually having one.

McFarlane’s original pages are in extremely high demand on the collector’s market, especially pages with Spidey and Venom. This is also an opportunity to see what the pages look like without color or additional embellishment.

Fair warning: Artist’s Editions are not cheap. Domestic retail is $150, but they tend to go much higher if the editions sell out. So if you want a copy of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man Artist’s Edition, you may want to preorder it before it’s released on September 21.

Are you excited about the new Artist’s Edition? Let us know in the comment section below!

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