SDCC 2022 Hasbro Marvel: Wakanda Forever, Disney+, Spidey, More

It didn’t take long after Marvel Studios revealed the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer for Hasbro to show off the toys. In the basic line, Shuri gets her own fighter plane, while Namor and Attuma feature pop-open headgear. For Marvel Legends, the wave includes a newly sculpted Okoye, the same sculpt of Everett Ross as from a previous two-pack, Nakia in an underwater suit, Namor, and comic-based Black Panther and Hatut Zeraze (Wakandan secret defense force in white panther armor). Sorry, fans, you will have to buy that extra Everett Ross to build Attuma. He comes not in peace, but in pieces across the entire wave.

As many suspected, a TV-based She-Hulk will fill out the Infinite Ultron wave, but another Disney+ wave follows. Hasbro revealed three so far: Loki Classic (Richard E. Grant), He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), and What If…?-style Howard the Duck with Ant-Man’s head from the zombie episode.

New Spider-Man figures include Agony, Riot, Human Fly, Scorpion in animated series colors, and a three-pack of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. And for those who bought Galactus, a few more heralds should arrive shortly.

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Speaking to Hasbro’s Ryan Ting and Dan Yun, Superhero Hype learned a few more tidbits. They’ve loved being able to talk to fans directly on the livestreams and social media through the pandemic. “It’s not always the most fun time, because everyone has an opinion, right?” said Yun. “Overall, though, I think it’s awesome to connect and meet new people, and hear respectful comments about the line itself.” Mostly, they like the fact that fans greeting them at shows means the livestreams are being watched, and their work on them worthwhile.

Loki Classic will come with two headsculpts, one smiling and one…not. What about more Venom movie symbiotes? “I think we’re looking at it,” says Ting. “So far we’ve only done stuff from the first Venom movie; those take us a little while longer, just because of how that all works on the studio side.” They remain noncommittal on movie Morbius, but when asked about Zombie Doctor Strange, Yun affirmed that “We never say no to any character…that’s an interesting concept. I feel like I like zombies.” Ting describes it as a hypothetical “engineering feat,” but “never say never.” Sadly, the Bruce Campbell Pizza Poppa figure shown on social media is not a real Hasbro thing. For now, anyway.

Could the build-a-figure Venompool ever see release on a single card? They say he’s not old enough yet to reissue, but it’s a good idea down the line. Regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home actor likenesses, there were a “variety of reasons” why they couldn’t make it happen. Yun says “We still think it’s an awesome three-pack…we’re eager to get those into the modern line and they’re all new sculpts.” Don’t expect figures from the Sam Raimi or Marc Webb movies to become a thing, unless those characters end up in the MCU as well. “Those are challenging,” says Ting. “Nothing’s impossible, but we are focused on the more current entertainment.”

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They did not know about the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight in advance, but Yun says “that opens up the door for future possibilities in Marvel Legends, maybe.”

In that spirit, we probably shouldn’t expect many more Fox X-Men figures, unless the characters appear in a newer movie like Deadpool 3. Ting and Yun do have input on which characters go into the Selfie Series, and if it does well would like to add more that make sense (Hulk, Ting says, would probably not work). The body sculpts are from pre-existing figures.

Nobody wants to talk about all the price raises, beyond the fact that everything in the current economy is going up.

Finally, look forward to the next HasLab being Ghost Rider themed. Robbie Reyes’ car, perhaps?

Check out images of every new figure on display in our gallery below. Most should appear up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse right now! Let us know which ones you like in commemts.

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