G.I. Joe Six-Inch Scale Cobra HISS Tank Seeks Your Crowd-Funding

Possibly the most recognizable vehicle in the arsenal of G.I. Joe‘s arch-enemies in Cobra, the HISS tank (HI-Speed Sentry) just became the first large-scale, crowd-fund-seeking vehicle in the six-inch Classified line. And it’s not just an upsized version of the original. For$299.99, fans expect more. And it has more, with features that ’80s kids could only have imagined.

The back of the tank opens for troops to ride inside. The canopy opens upwards and has gull-wing sides that flip up. Folding ladders allow the driver to climb in. The tank treads are made up of individual pieces. And it’s loaded with LEDs, which illuminate the interior and project a Cobra symbol on the ground ahead. In the spirit of most classic Joe toys, it also includes a removable engine cover and armor pieces.

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The HISS comes with its driver, but if it somehow fully funds in the first week, to the tune of 8,000 backers, an additional HISS technician figure gets added in. The project also notes four stretch goals, three of which fans assume are also extra figures. Hasbro’s allowing 48 days to make those happen.

Go to Hasbro Pulse now to back this big bad-guy battle vehicle. Or take a look through the photos below if you’re on the fence. What do you think? Let us know in comments.

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