McFarlane Toys’ RAW10 Will Spawn an Animated Series

Of all the company’s current lines, McFarlane Toys‘ RAW10 gets maybe the least attention. A Walmart exclusive line designed to give buyers big monster toys at a lower price point, it features rotocast figures with minimal articulation and paint apps, but all the detailed sculpting Todd McFarlane fans expect. Each figure resembles some kind of cyborg animal, including a cobra, gorilla, rhino, shark, and two dinosaurs. If they never caught your eye before, they will now. In partnership with Rooster Teeth, McFarlane will adapt the characters into an animated series for adults. Which comes a surprise, since the toys seem more aimed at kids than most McFarlane figures.

RAW10 doesn’t come with much pre-mythology, as a toy line first and foremost. But when McFarlane first announced it, they described it thusly: “In the distant future, the world is ruled by the RAW10—powerful warriors that are part-beast, part-machine! The last of humans travel the wastelands in fear as the massive robo-creatures stalk the ruins of Earth. But one group of scientists believes some of the RAW10 beasts are more than monsters! The legends say there are a few heroes among the beasts who will fight to protect mankind.”

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The character of Cy-Gor originated in Spawn comics and toys, while another RAW10 character, Hoof, debuted in McFarlane’s Total Chaos toy line. Neither of these versions will be considered tied to their prior origins — more like multiversal variants.

Show creator Dan Dominguez (Netflix’s Seis Manos), in a press release, says, “get ready for deeply unsettling, grown-up style laughs! Thrills! Chills! Gore! Sex! Adult themes! And… emotions! Yes, I do in fact plan on having a 30 foot tall cybernetic gorilla make you cry.” The series will satirize tropes of ’80s cartoons with a hefty dose of anime inspiration. Independent studio wiip (Mare of Easttown) will develop the series.

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