McFarlane Toys Debuts Cyborg Monster Line RAW10

“In the distant future, the world is ruled by the RAW10—powerful warriors that are part-beast, part-machine! The last of humans travel the wastelands in fear as the massive robo-creatures stalk the ruins of Earth. But one group of scientists believes some of the RAW10 beasts are more than monsters! The legends say there are a few heroes among the beasts who will fight to protect mankind.”

That’s the story behind McFarlane Toys‘ latest line, a limited-articulation series of cyborg monsters aimed at younger buyers. Exclusive to Walmart, they appear to fulfill a very specific niche. The retail giant has had some success with unique monster and beast licensed toys, from properties like Jumanji and Rampage to Godzilla and Kong. RAW10 look ready to fight those creatures at the same scale (RAW stands for Robotic Animal Weapon). And while their articulation is much simpler than the 22-joint figures the company normally makes, and the color layers less intricate, the sculpts are pure Todd McFarlane. The two figures revealed so far, Cy-Gor and Raptar, look like they popped right off of McFarlane’s sketchbook and into 3D. Indeed, Todd did the designs himself.

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Cy-Gor previously existed in the Spawn mythology, but much like recent Kong movies, this kaiju version upsizes him. Other characters include Fren-Z (a shark) and Battlesnake (obvious). Cy-Gor and Fren-Z are larger and cost $19.99; the other two, $9.99. Each sports around three points of articulation and comes with a mini-poster. Preorders start today, with figures expected in stores around Aug. 10th. Expect a monthly comic series down the line to further flesh out the story.

Created and unleashed by the Robotic Animal Weapons lab, in a distant, mysterious past, the RAW10 are larger-than-life! Massive beasts who rule their domain. The last surviving humans search the globe for the legendary CY-GOR and a small group of cybernetic creatures they believe will fight to defend them from the dangers of rival beasts. Along the way, Jace Larsen, a young boy (and his uncle, Edgar Frey, and sister, Kelce Larsen) start to piece together an old legend, and go on a journey of discovery… To find and befriend CY-GOR, a cybernetic gorilla said to have once fought to save humanity from the other RAW10.”

Check out some images below in the gallery. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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