Super7 Set to Traumatize ’80s Kids With Dead Optimus Prime Figure

Any kid who saw The Transformers: The Movie in theaters the first time around never forgot it. From the opening Unicron sequence that depicts robot genocide, to the wanton killing of various TV cartoon regulars, stuff got shocking. But no shock came bigger than the death of Optimus Prime at the hands of arch-enemy Megatron. Peter Cullen had imbued the Autobot leader with humanity above and beyond what was expected on a toy commercial cartoon, and children felt devastated. And now Super7 will make them all relive it, as Transformers Ultimates wave 4 includes a fully poseable “Dead Optimus” figure.

Make no mistake: Hasbro got so freaked out by the backlash that they changed the G.I. Joe animated movie, which originally killed off Duke. Though Duke invoked nowhere near the same level of sympathy generally, no more risks seemed prudent. In the final film, he goes into a coma and recovers. But now that we know how Super7 rolls, they may well make a Comatose Duke in their G.I. Joe line.

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Dead Optimus, ahem, “Fallen Leader,” leads a wave of 3 that also includes Starscream (previously released in sparkly ghost form) and Soundwave. Soundwave’s chest opens to hold cassettes, just as Optimus’ does to remove the Matrix of Leadership. Starscream includes multiple heads and hands, plus Megatron in gun form.

Preorder all three for $55 each from Super7, or save on shipping at sites like Entertainment Earth. Note that Entertainment Earth and Superhero Hype are affiliate partners, and this site may earn fees for purchases made through links. Look through the gallery below for even more images.

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