Hasbro Rereleases Black Panther Marvel Legends as Legacy Collection

In a move sure to please new-to-the-game collectors, Hasbro‘s rereleasing some of the most popular Black Panther Marvel Legends figures in new Legacy Collection packaging. Four will arrive back in stores in July, with preorders up now; two exclusives hit later in the fall. At $24.99 these retail for $5 more than they did originally, but given the high secondary values the originals reach on the secondary market, that’s a bargain. Plus two of these did not come as single-carded figures before.

Erik Killmonger, in his vibranium Black Panther armor with unmasked head, originally came in a two-pack with Agent Ross. And M’Baku required the purchase of six figures to build him. Now both can stand alone for the cost of a single figure. M’Baku will show up exclusively at Target this fall, when Walmart will get the basic Black Panther as their exclusive. The four figures up for preorder now at most outlets include Black Panther with charged vibranium suit, Nakia, Shuri, and Killmonger. In addition, several kid-focused figures and role-play items will return.

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The Legacy Collection idea already fuels an ongoing line for Star Wars. Having one for Marvel Legends makes sense, as the movies continue to garner new fans, and some of these older figures are hard to top. Check out the full gallery of Black Panther Legacy Collection figures below. Then tell us your favorite in comments.

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