Time Bandits Action Figures Series 1 Now Available From Plastic Meatball

The most fabulous objects in the world for your own fortress of ultimate darkness might be these Time Bandits action figures. From Plastic Meatball, a compnay previously known for Pyscho Goreman action figures, these 3-3/4-inch figures in the classic Kenner style represent the figures kids should have gotten back in the ’80s. If any toy company had been brave enough to turn Terry Gilliam’s dark time-travel fairytale film into a toy line, that is. But now the kids from those days have grown up — and some of them formed Plastic Meatball to fill that childhood collection hole.

The first series of Time Bandits action figures — yes, they are working on more — features Evil, Randall, and Og as a pig. Randall, the self-declared leader of the Time Bandits, comes with a replica of the Supreme Being’s map. Evil, memorably portaryed by David Warner, includes soft cloth cape and gas mask. Og…is transformed into a partial porker.

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Each figure costs $14.99 directly from Plastic Meatball. The figures feature officially authorized likenesses. However, since the company wants them to be made as they would have been in 1981, no digital sculpting got involved. Rather, they are as close to the actors as hand sculpts in that scale allow. And they have rights to the entire cast, with more merchandise like collector cups and shirts en route.

Take a look through the gallery below for more, including particularly nice card art. Then tell us your thoughts in comments.

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