New Labyrinth and Time Bandits 3.75 Inch Figures Coming

There’s a new toy player in town, and they’ve got some great licenses to prove it. Plastic Meatball, a company which previously made Kenner-style action figures for the cult sci-fi movie Psycho Goreman, and equally cult critic Joe Bob Briggs, will bring some genre classics into the fold next. They scored the rights for Labyrinth and Time Bandits. And while many retro-style figures in the 3.75 inch scale use soft sculpts to evade likeness issues, Plastic Meatball has secured authentic likeness rights for David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. As for Time Bandits, stay tuned.

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The company confirmed four figures so far. For Labyrinth, it’s the two human stars. Connelly as Sarah, and Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. For Time Bandits, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, we get Evil and Og, the latter in his pig transformation appearance. Obviously that film features a much larger human ensemble than Labyrinth, so let’s hope most of the cast, or their estates, are game. For Time Bandits, these will be the first action figures ever; for Labyrinth, the first in this scale.

These figures should go up for purchase later in the year at And for next year, they’re planning a Battle of the Planets line, based on the English-language dub/recut of the Gatchaman anime. Check out the tease in the gallery below, along with individual images of the Labyrinth and Time Bandits characters.

Are you game for these ’80s-style goodies? Let us know in comments!

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