Nightwing Leads a Bat-Family Themed DCeased Action Figure Wave

Thanks to McFarlane Toys‘ new deal with DC Direct, several products left unreleased at the time the company ceased to independently exist will make it to market. And thanks to McFarlane’s insistence on 7-inch scale for his own line, the DC Direct figures should fit in well with the current line. In the latest release of previously cancelled figures, a Bat-family themed wave of DCeased action figures just went up for preorder.

Clearly these are variants of DC Direct’s Essentials line, originally set to reboot their whole figure series top to bottom. They include fan-favorites Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Deathstroke in zombified (sort of) form. With new, virus-infected heads and blood splatter, it’s clear why Todd McFarlane likes them.

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No, technically they’re not zombies. Rather, they represent heroes turned into flesh-biting rage monsters due to exposure to an anti-life viorus conveyed by the Internet. Talk about metaphors. As with so many problems in the DC Universe, blame Darkseid.

Price remains fairly close to DC Direct’s original tag, at $29.99 apiece. (Superhero Hype is an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth, and may earn fees from purchases made through links.) Thanks to changed Time-Warner policies regarding toys, though, these bloody zombies will not include guns. So Red Hood’s holsters, for example, remain empty.

Check them all out in the gallery below. Will these Bat-family themed undead-ish character take a bite out of your collection? Let us know in comments.

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