McFarlane Toys’ The Batman Wave 2 Figures Have Their Masks off

The very first wave of movie toys based on The Batman may already line shelves at a retailer near you. But now it’s time to reveal McFarlane ToysThe Batman wave 2 figures. Two of the three new 7-inch figures are variants, with one all-new figure in the Penguin. Where the first three — Batman, Catwoman, and Riddler — all wore masks, these three have them off. Penguin’s identity never went secret, and this Batman and Catwoman show their Bruce and Selina faces.

The wave also includes two 12-inch figures, which McFarlane now more honestly calls “Posed Statues.” We’ve seen a red variant of The Batman in this style in Jim Lee-esque red and black. Now, however, fans who prefer for movie-accurate deco will get one, plus the Riddler in his Zodiac-style gear. As usual, the Posed Statues go for $39.99, with the 7-inch figures at $19.99. (Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network and may earn fees on purchases made through site links.)

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Yes, unusually this time around, unmasked DC variants from McFarlane won’t stay confined to Target. All the usual retailers should stock them. Take a look at all the wave 2 figures in studio poses in our gallery below. And expect them in stores around March.

Do you prefer masked or unmasked when it comes to realistic Bat-figures? Let us know in comments.

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