These G.I. Joe Meme Action Figures Are Real, From Super7

When Super7 announced these action figures on April Fool’s Day, we honestly thought they might be kidding. Especially since not every link on their own site works as well as it ought. But since other online retailers like our partners at Entertainment Earth have them up for preorder now, it seems they do exist. G.I. Joe meme action figures are now a thing. They’re based on a series of viral videos that redub the classic animated “knowing is half the battle” PSAs. Some in really bizarre ways. [Note: Superhero Hype may earn fees from Entertainment Earth purchases made through our links]

First up, Body Massage Roadblock:

Followed by “I’m a computer” Mutt:

Conspicuously missing is the more famous Porkchop Sandwiches Barbecue, but that may be because his is the most profane. It’s possible Hasbro wouldn’t license a version from a meme with heavy swear-word usage.

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Super7 even rewrote these Joe team members’ file cards, with bizarre bios that attempt to reflect the reality of the redubbed videos. Be sure to read them in the gallery images below.

These Joes join Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Mo-Larr and Baby Skeletor from Robot Chicken as unique incorporations of third-party “remixes” into an official toy line. Super7 also previously made a Prince Adam figure inspired by the Four Non-Blondes meme, so this is becoming their thing.

Will you buy these meme figures? Let us know in comments.

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