Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki Gets a Hot Toys Figure

Longtime cinephiles always considered Richard E. Grant magical. Now, his new Hot Toys figure proves it. Literal translations of comics costumes don’t always look cool in real life, and it takes a special kind of thespian to emote in them. Grant is such a man, bringing humor and pathos to his Classic Loki variant despite the cheap cloth and garish colors. The Disney+ shows so far show a real commitment to showcasing classic costume designs at least in cameos, with Scarlet Witch and Vision’s Halloween costumes and Loki’s variants. Hawkeye’s masked helmet hasn’t shown up yet, but will probably appear as a gag sometime.

Sweetening the deal, aside from two really expressive Grant faces, this figure also comes with Frog Thor and Alligator Loki. The latter even includes an articulated head, in case anyone wants to make stop-motion movies with it. (He’s shown up before with President Loki.) Other accessories include a travel bag, two green magic effects, a separate battle-damaged helmet to hold, and of course the usual figure stand. The product images show him also holding a goblet, but since that’s not mentioned in the official description it may or may not come with.

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Regardless, making a toy of Richard E. Grant stands as sufficient glorious purpose. While Hasbro continues to ignore The Rise of Skywalker, it might be a while before Allegiant General Pryde gets his due. And Hudson Hawk or Withnail and I figures just don’t seem realistic to hope for. But Classic Loki? Nobody could do it better. Check out all the images in the gallery below. $285 seems a minor price to pay, for once.

Will your collection sustain such greatness? Let us know in comments.

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