Hot Toys Offers the Deadpool & Wolverine Figure Everyone Wants

From the moment he first came onscreen in that cage fight scene back in 2000, Hugh Jackman has been warmly received by fans as Wolverine. Call him Logan, James Howlett, or merely the best there is, he has portrayed the character we love from X-Men comics perfectly in almost every way. The only issue? He never fully looked like his comic counterpart. Sure, he had the hairdo, the claws, and the muscles…but never the yellow suit or the mask.

Huge, Jacked Man

Deadpool & Wolverine is changing that, after 24 years. Now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, Wolverine’s getting his yellow tights on. On a road trip with Deadpool, who knows how many bloodstains he’ll get on it? The only other time Jackman’s Wolverine was in an R-rated movie, well, he died. Can this variant survive Wade Wilson’s shenanigans? More importantly, will you be able to find any toys of this popular costume look for Wolverine in any store? If you preorder the Hot Toys version, you can.

The Deadpool & Wolverine movie figure of Wolverine comes in regular and deluxe versions. Both include a masked head, with interchangeable lower face parts for the masked head. The deluxe includes individual rolling eyeballs in a bonus unmasked head, as well as full-sleeved arms. The shoulder pads are removable separately, so you can display him with or without any combination of pads and bare or clothed arms. The deluxe version also includes battle-damaged armor, while both include a Deadpool & Wolverine logo base and extra hands with claws out and retracted.

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Regular is $280, but shelling out $340 for the deluxe might be worth it for the most uncanny Jackman likeness ever. Wade would want you to. Preorder now for shipping next summer.

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