MOTU Masterverse Villains Draw From Multiple Franchise Iterations

Mattel teased at the last Power-Con that their Masterverse series of Masters of the Universe figures, previously focused purely on the Revelation cartoon, would split into sub-lines. Today, they confirmed it with the reveal of five upcoming villains. Jitsu, Hordak, Skeletor, Beast Man, and Catra will join the Masterverse…but not, perhaps, the versions fans might expect.

The Skeletor figure comes from the 2021 Netflix He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which also has a separate series of toys aimed at kids. This collector version features the extra Masterverse level of detail, though it retains the exaggerated proportions of the cartoon.

Princess of Power will also return as a sub-line, though it will stay more in the realm of action figures, like the mail-order Classics, rather than fashion doll hybrids of the ’80s. Catra and Hordak sport their ’80s animated colors, with new layers of detail. Hordak includes a switch-out weapon arm with blast effects, while Catra’s mask moves up and down. Note that these do not resemble the recent Netflix She-Ra reboot versions.

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Finally, New Eternia features two-for-one figures that can either display their classic looks or don additional outfits that resemble their preproduction designs. Beast Man inlcudes his classic armor, plus realistic fur color and hood to transform him into Red Beast. Jitsu sports the vac-metal gold karate chop hand, and additional accessories to make his earlier assassin look. Or dress him down to make him look more like his animated counterpart, Chopper.

Based on the images and accessories, fans can probably expect Hordak and the New Eternia figures to see packaging and pricing in line with deluxe figures. And considering none of these new characters come from Revelation, it looks as if Mattel will transition the line away from that single show and towards a more comprehensive multiverse approach.

Get a more detailed look at all five in our gallery below. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in comments.

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