ThunderCats Mandora and Electro-Charger Make a Super7 Mini-Wave

Super7‘s ThunderCats line, a continuation of Mattel’s extremely brief releases, mostly sticks to characters that got LJN figures in the ’80s. The company made an exception or two along the way, like Mumm-Ra’s undercover alias Pumm-Ra. But for “wave 5.5,” as they call it, Super7 brings the biggest exception yet. Not only will they make Mandora, from the animated series, but her vehicle as well. The Electro-Charger never even existed in the vintage line, but it’s the perfect size to put out in the Ultimates line.

Mandora costs the usual $55, with her vehicle at $150. But it comes with extras. In addition to wheels that can tuck away for display on the included flight stand, fans get a bonus soap-sprayer with spray, interchangeable control panels, secret compartment, and a radio with cord. It seats two figures.

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As for the Evil Chaser First Class, she includes three heads, multiple hands, electronic boomerang with throwing effect, communicator, badge, handcuffs, ticket machine, and thigh holster.

Order one or both directly from Super7, or save on shipping with sites like Entertainment Earth. (Note: Superhero Hype is affiliate partners with Entertainment Earth, and may earn fees based on purchases.) Check out a few more images in our gallery below.

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