McFarlane Toys 1966 Batman Adds Boxing Variants, Penguin, Catwoman

Though it’s not in scale with any of the company’s other Batman action figure product, McFarlane Toys‘ Retro Batman ’66 line keeps plugging along. This week sees two new variants and two all-new figures join the line-up. Fan favorite villain The Penguin was happily inevitable. ‘Twas equally inevitable, sadly, that Burgess Meredith’s baddie would not come with his signature cigarette holder or lethal umbrella.

In a surprise, McFarlane Toys opted to make the Eartha Kitt incarnation of Catwoman first, rather than the oft-merchandised Julie Newmar. She’s purrrrfect.

But what Batman wave would be without a Batman? All those “Biff” and “Pow” sound effect pieces go to good use with the new boxing variants of Batman and Riddler. As much as the masked men would both likely prefer a battle of wits, sometimes punching works better.

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All these 6-inch figures remain quite the bargain at that scale for $17.99. With Hasbro and Mattel raising prices of 6-inch figures ever closer to the $30 range, McFarlane’s doing heroic work keeping theirs static and reasonable. And although the release date remains unset, Target has preorders up now. McFarlane Toys hope to make a Batgirl figure eventually, but have not managed to sign a deal with the Yvonne Craig estate yet.

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