Todd McFarlane Showcases New Details of His Batman 1966 Toys

UPDATE: These will be available exclusively at Target in August.

Proclaiming that the Adam West Batman was always his favorite — which doesn’t quite sound like the grimdark comics guy whose signature character is a demonic zombie in a giant cape — Todd McFarlane today showcased his upcoming toys based on same. In doing so, he may have revealed why they’re 6-inch scale rather than his usual 7-inch. In a nutshell, he wants fans to be able to buy a Batcave, Batmobile, and Batman and Robin for under $100 total. And with 6-inch Star Wars figures creeping up to $25-$30 these days, that’s a laudable goal.

In a social media video, McFarlane showed the first three figures in closeup. Batman, Robin and Joker look considerably more like the actors than some early looks indicated. Accessory-wise, each figure comes with two clip-on sound effects. And their capes will be cloth, because for once McFarlane cares about them being able to sit in their vehicle.

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The Batcave will essentially be a big diorama piece, with 11 Batcomputer pieces, and two levels on which to stand figures. (There’s no way for them to fall into the atomic pile, as Jill St. John’s character did in the pilot.) The George Barris Batmobile doesn’t appear to have any action features, but it looks the part and seats the dynamic duo.

McFarlane says we can expect these at Target soon. He doesn’t specify that they’re exclusives there, but it’s a decent bet. Though the various exclusive figure variants — unmasked Batman and Robin, and masked Joker — may show up elsewhere.

Check out the video below:

Will you await these figures through the usual Bat-stores and Bat-channels? Let us know in comments.

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