Batman: The Adventures Continue Cancelled Figures Get Revived

When Warner Consumer Products abruptly folded DC Direct as an individual company, a few toy lines in the pipeline became orphaned. Most fans assumed they’d never see the light of day. But with a new partial revival under the aegis of McFarlane Toys, new hope arises. DCeased action figures, appropriately, rose from the dead, along with some Batman statues. And now, three previously announced and then canned Batman: the Adventures Continue figures have returned.

Batman: The Adventures Continue began as a line that took characters who never appeared on Batman: The Animated Series and redesigned them in that style. The last announced lineup mixed it up with remakes of characters who did. Batman and Catwoman got makeovers in a cel-shaded color scheme, while The Batman Who Laughs and Vampire Batman would make their Bruce Timm-style debuts. Vampire Batman currently isn’t set for revival, but the other three are.

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(Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network and may earn fees on purchases made through site links.) Each figure comes with alternate hands and two accessories. For Catwoman, one of those is an extra masked head, and the other her whip. Batman, of course, gets a Batarang and grapnel launcher. The Batman Who Laughs wields a chain Batarang and mace.

Each 1/12 scale figure goes for $29.99, which no longer feels like much of a markup. And perhaps this can give us hope for McFarlane’s DC Direct to revive the DC lucha libre line that got killed shortly before DCD closed. Or at least Vampire Batman, probably as a con exclusive.

Are you happy to see these back? Do you think any more will happen? Let us know in comments.

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