Playmates to Revive and Update Star Trek 5-Inch Action Figure Line

Impressively sticking to their guns, Playmates will not venture into the popular 6-inch format when it revives Star Trek as an action figure line. As revealed today on, they stick to what they know best, and that’s 5-inch figures. For longtime collectors, that’s good news, as it means they can display with most of Playmates’ previous figures and playsets. (It’s also good news for Playmates, who can simply reissue all the old stuff with updated deco.) But for those who feared more cartoony toys than meet today’s collector standard, fear not. While the Star Trek 5-inch figures look slightly barrel-chested, they feature upgraded articulation and photo-realistic likenesses.

To start with, beginning online in July, Playmates will release main characters from three popular iterations of Trek. First up: The Wrath of Khan, featuring Kirk, Spock, and of course, KHAAAAAAN!

From The Next Generation, Picard, Riker, and Data kick off the Enterprise-D crew.

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Finally, from Discovery, we’ll get season 1 versions of Michael Burnham and Saru. These will come on new Star Trek Universe cardbacks, while the figures from prior entertainments will feature retro-’90s style throwback cards.

Playmates will also make a classic Enterprise with lights and sounds, as well as a 1966-style role-play phaser. All Star Trek storylines are fair game moving forward, including animated iterations. The classic Playmates line also featured 9-inch and 12-inch figures; no word yet on whether those could become possible now. But fans are undoubtedly hoping for major gaps in the older collections to get filled. Like, say, Ezri Dax.

What do you think of the new Star Trek figures? Let us know in comments.

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