McFarlane Toys Announces Batman Beyond Repaint/Resculpt Wave

For anyone who couldn’t find the McFarlane Toys Batman Beyond build-a-figure wave at Target, or just didn’t want to pay extra to build that Joker-bot, good news. Variants of three out of the four figures will soon come to all your favorite retailers. And one of them actually represents a whole new character. Sort of. The Batman Beyond repaint/resculpt wave includes Batwoman Beyond, Blight, and Inque as Batman. The original fourth figure, Shriek, already got an unmasked variant.

Ironically, the newest character has the least new sculpt. The Batman Beyond figure gets a straight repaint to make him into Inque as Batman. The shape-shifting villainess can impersonate her enemy’s look perfectly, but can’t camouflage her ink-splattered color scheme! In theory, this could also work as an urban camouflage Batman.

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Batwoman Beyond gets the expected McFarlane variant treatment: an unmasked head. Giving some side-eye, as has become a noticeable trend on Todd’s toys of late. Blight, meanwhile, sports a “Meltdown” variant flaming head, based on his comic book appearances. And unlike many similar figures, they still only run $19.99, a discount from the build-a-figure editions that ran $5 extra for the bonus parts.

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Do you prefer these to the BAF versions? Does increased availability and lower price point help your toy budget? Let us know in comments.

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