12-Inch Red and Black The Batman Figure Based on Jim Lee Poster

Yesterday, McFarlane Toys debuted the first action figures based on the upcoming The Batman feature film. Today, one more leaked out after surfacing on Canadian GameStop (via TNI). This red and black The Batman figure is 12-inch scale, and like most McFarlane 12-inchers, mostly pre-posed with limited articulation. Unlike most, however, he comes with a specific themed base styled like a rooftop, rather than the usual big black disc.

Based on the new movie designs, this figure more specifically draws inspiration from the teaser poster from last year’s DC FanDome. Jim Lee drew Robert Pattinson‘s Batman in black on a red backdrop. The sculpt, and especially the paint job, reflect this look.

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GameStop in Canada charges $54.99; expect a $49.99 US price tag or thereabouts. End of February delivery  should be expected. In the U.S., a Walmart exclusive run is likely, though the red deco has led some to speculate Target instead.

Regardless, this is likely to be the cheapest 12-inch movie-accurate The Batman figure. Though we’ll have to wait and see if Spin Master does anything similar.

Take a look through the images in the gallery below for a better look. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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