HasLab Reveals Full Colors and Stretch Goals for Crowdfunded Rancor

Hasbro‘s HasLab crowdfunded Rancor hasn’t been looking so healthy these days. With 9,000 backers needed, it’s been hovering between 4,000-5,000. Some fans blame the price point, higher than Marvel’s Sentinel and Galactus. Others, the premature way the news first leaked, followed by an unfinished, unpainted reveal to roll out the campaign. Whatever the case, Hasbro yesterday decided to reveal all the remaining stretch goals and a fully painted prototype. Thus far, the result has seen the project actually lose backers, dipping below 5,000 even as one particular stretch goal excited fans.

That final tier goal, if the project reaches 19,000, will be an all-new Jedi Luke Skywalker figure. Though odds are he’ll receive some form of release anyway, the exclusive pack-in version comes on a Power of the Force card with a bonus coin. At 16,000, a Return of the Jedi-carded Salacious B. Crumb gets added. And at 13,500, a pack of skulls and cardboard backdrop, along with a simulated sand base (not shown). These join the previously announced 11,000 tier Gamorrean Guard.

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Many collectors expected Malakili, the Rancor Keeper, as a bonus, since he doesn’t make much sense to release solo if the Rancor doesn’t make it. Galactus and the Sentinel, after all, included new bonus figures. But at current numbers it may be a moot point. This could become the first Star Wars HasLab not to achieve its funding goal. We’ll know in 17 days. Meanwhile, check out the paint apps and bonuses in our gallery below.

Do you think the new crowdfunded Rancor will end up worth the price? Let us know in comments.

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