Super7’s Ninja Turtles Ultimates Figures Will Get Their Party Wagon

When the figures in a line already cost $55 apiece, vehicles for them might seem like a pipedream. But if fans will spend the money, a company will provide. Having found that enough collectors would shell out in excess of $500 for a ThunderCats Thundertank, Super7‘s taking the next logical step. With their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line even more robust than ThunderCats, the Turtle Party Wagon comes next. As with everything else in Super7’s Turtles toy line, this signature vehicle utilizes the original Playmates toy design. But for a price that high, every detail goes to the next level.

The new Party Wagon seats six figures, and includes all the classic features like a removable roof and fold out gunner seat. (Long before Ecto-1 added one of those for the new Ghostbusters movie.)  Interior details includes several seats repaired with simulated duct tape, pizza oven, fully detailed instrument panel, additional headgear for the Turtles, and more.

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To assuage newer converts to the line and make things easier for fans who haven’t been completist, the deal gets sweeter. Super7 will re-offer the core four Turtles again, as individuals and a set of four. Delivery for those looks set for this time next year, while Super7 smartly doesn’t yet guarantee one for the Wagon. Now the question: will collectors shell out $450 for this turtle transport?

Preorder the half-shell heroes and their sweet ride at Super7 prior to Dec 21st to assure purchase. Or at participating online retailers like Superhero Hype affiliate partners Entertainment Earth. (This site may earn fees based on purchases.) Take a look through the gallery below to see if the Party Wagon will be right for you. Note that NECA has also promised a Party Wagon, though theirs should more specifically reflect the cartoon look.

Are you ready to get this van rockin’? Let us know in comments.

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