Hasbro Teases HasLab 1:1 Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Pack Replica

Hasbro didn’t reveal any new Ghostbusters action figures at Pulse Con 2021. Nor did they even reveal when and how to get Phoebe, the major character from Afterlife whose figure has been revealed but isn’t part of the current wave. But Jason Reitman did pop in to show a quick clip of Phoebe firing up the proton pack for the first time. And then he hinted at a large HasLab crowdfunding project, which was promptly shown under semi-wraps. It’s pretty obvious what’s under there, and it’s not a six-inch scale Ecto-1. (Alas.) That’s a real-scale proton pack replica.

The label suggests we’ll see it more clearly in five days. But if the level of detail matches the neutrino wand, it should look and sound the part. And if it’s HasLab, it’ll probably cost over $200, minimum.

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Hasbro’s current Ghostbusters toys include the Plasma Collection of movie-accurate figures, and a more cartoon-styled line of “Fright Features” figures and ghosts. The Plasma Collection run six inches; the Fright features toys scale smaller.

Ghostbusters Afterlife opens in theaters starting Nov. 19. Early word suggests it leans heavily into nostalgia, but reviewers sound divided on whether or not that’s a dealbreaker.

Will you preorder a life-sized proton pack replica? How much is too much? Let us know in comments.

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