NECA Teases Dog Monster Action Figure From The Thing

With a movie called The Thing, viewers want to see The Thing. It’s not called “R.J. Macready.” Yet when NECA secured the toy license to the movie, Kurt Russell as Macready came first. They have their reasons. Macready’s easier to make multiple variants of, and he also gives customizers a chance to create Snake Plissken and Jack Burton, the other parts of the sacred John Carpenter-Kurt Russell trinity. But not since McFarlane Toys tackled the property some two decades ago have we seen mass-retail figures of the creature. Until now, as NECA showed a first look at the dog monster on social media.

Sometimes called Kennel-Thing, the dog Thing never got made by McFarlane. SOTA had plans, then went under as a company. Now, 40 years after the movie came out, it’s time for this carnivorous canine clone to star on your shelf.

Dog Thing, you make fans’ hearts’ sing. Apparently they’re tastier that way.

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If NECA’s gonna take on all The Thing‘s forms, it’s gonna be a grand, gory day in the toy aisles. The spider head, the chomping torso, the big final amalgam creature…Some of the most genuinely horrific movie monster creations will bring the fear.

What else would you like to see in figure form from The Thing? Let us know in comments!

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